Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Operational Research

The division specializes in the design, data management and statistical analysis of epidemiological studies on vector borne diseases and their control, and randomized controlled trials. We conduct research to develop, validate and apply mathematical models to address operational issues: risk of resurgence of diseases, cost-effectiveness of intervention strategies. Develop sampling strategies for monitoring infection in human and vectors.


Besides teaching biostatistics to students of Post-Graduate programmes PhD scholar of the centre, international student / research / programme managers on vector surveillance, epidemiological studies and methods, and sample survey methods.


Social & Behavioural Research

We focus to build up and maintain the evidence base for the major determinants of vector borne diseases, develop situation specific strategies that can modify the determinants, implement interventions at micro level, and monitor & evaluate interventions. Need based capacity building/training for vector/disease control is imparted to strengthen better use of empirical findings from research. We also estimate disease burden using a summary measure and carry out studies on quality of life of patients afflicted with vector-borne diseases. Besides research, teach Communication for behavioural impact for the MSc Public Health Entomology course.  

Last Updated on : 22/09/2016