Activities and Achievements
    • Biopecticides
      • Process for the production of Deltafix – a mosquito larvicide from Bacillus thuringiensis var.israelensis.
        Indian Patent No. 192055 dated 11.07.2005.
        Production technology licensed to 13 commercial firms.
      • Process for the production of an oviposition attractant from Trichoderma viride.
        Indian Patent No. 199635 dated 25.06.2007.
      • A process for the production of a bacterial metabolite from Pseudomonas fluorescens showing mosquito pupicidal activity.
        Indian Patent No192872 dated 07.04.2006.
      • A cyclic lipopeptide of Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis (VCRC B471) with potential to kill all mosquito stages                                                                                                                                                          Indian Patent No. 264599 dated 08.01.2015.
      • New bacterial culture media for the production of mosquito pathogenic bacilli using industrial wastes       Indian Patent Application No. 1106/DEL/2007
      • Biocidal composition and preparation thereof                                                                                                      Indian Patent Application No. 358/DEL/2006
      • Fly ash based mosquito larvicidal formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis var.israelensis.                             Indian Patent Application No1421/DEL/2014.
      • Mosquitocidal Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis / tochigiensis (H14/19) from mangrove forest soil.
      • Formulation of mosquito killer nematode, Romanomermis iyengari.
      • Process for the production of SPHERIFIX- a mosquito larvicide from Bascillus sphaericus.
       By-products of biopecticides of pharmaceutical value
      • Process for the production of Cyclosporin A – an immunosuppressant from Tolypocladium sp.
        Indian Patent No. 183940 (2000); US Patent No. 5656459 (1997);                                                             Brazilian Patent No. Br 9601017 (1997); European Patent No. EP-96-356060136 (1996);Canadian Patent No.CA-2142240C (2002); German Paternt DE 695211937 (2001).                                                   Licensed to M/S Nixcil Pharmaceutiacals & Specialities, Lucknow.
      • Process for the production of Thrombinase – a blood clot dissolving enzyme from Bacillus sphaericus       Indian Patent No176869 (21.03.1991), US Patent 5434059 (18.07.1995) and European Patent 0624642 A1 (12.05.1993).
      • Licensed to M/S Malladi Research Centre, Chennai
      • A process for de-hairing enzyme useful in leather industries, as a by-Product from a bacterial larvicide.   Indian Patent No2654/DEL/2012.
      • L - DOPA - a drug for Parkinson's disease, as by-product from a melanin producing mutant of bacterial larvicide.


       Chemical insecticides / Resistance management
      • DEPA-a synthetic insect repellent.
      • Controlled release formulation of DPE-28, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) for mosquito larval control Indian Patent No. 191820 dated 25.6.2007
      • Two synthetic pyrethroid esters, P38 and P29, with mosquito larvicidal activity.
      • An oviposition attractant, E57, against Culex quinquefasciatus, the human filariasis vector, synthesized.
      • Modeled Voltage Gated Sodium Channel (VGSC) domain ll protein submitted to PDB (1ZAS) under theoretical model category with available pockets for ligand interaction.
       Drug development
      • A macrofilaricidal lead molecule, 5-hydroxy-2-methyl- 1, 4-naphthoquinone from Plumbago indica/rosea, an indigenous medicinal plant.
        Indian Patent Application No. 1083/Del/2003.
      • A macrofilaricidal activity of the fruit extract of Trachyspermum ammi. An antifilarial composition
        Indian Patent No. 274393 dated 22.07.2016.
      • Modelled 3-D structures of Glutathione-S-transferases of the filarial parasite, W. bancrofti (PDB Id: 1SFM), B. malayi (PDB ID: 1SJO), transforming growth factor tgh-2 of B. malayi (PDB ID: 1ZCG).
       Diagnostics developed
      • A RT-PCR assay for the diagnosis of infective (L3) stage larvae of Wuchereria bancrofti in vector mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus
      • rDNA-ITS2 region based probes for differentiating sibling species of Anopheles fluviatilis and An. culicifacies, major vectors of malaria
       Model for predicting filariasis risk
      • Risk map of Lymphatic filariasis, based on geo-environmental risk model (GERM), for identifying filarial transmission risk areas at macro level.
       Site- Specific strategies for the control of vector-borne diseases
      • Anopheless subpictus transmitted coastal malaria in Pondicherry
      • Anopheless culicifacies transmitted coastal malaria in Rameswaram Island, Tamil Nadu
      • Anopheless culicifacies transmitted riverine malaria in Sathanur, Tamil Nadu
      • Anopheless stephensi transmitted urban malaria in Salem, Tamil Nadu
      • Anopheles fluviatilis trasmitted tribal malaria in Koraput, Orissa 
       Vector Surveillance tool
      • IIFT- an insecticde impregnated fabric trap for sampling indoor resting Culex Mosquitoes
      • Modified version of CDC light trap for sampling malaria vector, Anapheles Fluviatilis



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