Introduction (What is Dengue?)

  • Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by a group of virus belongs to the genus flavivirus

  • Transmitted by female Aedes mosquitoes.

Global Scenario

No.of countries experienced DHF epidemics
  • During epidemics, attack rates vary from 40-50%, and may reach up to 80-90%

  • 500 000 cases of DHF require hospitalisation and at least 2.5% of cases die, every year.

Indian Scenario :

  • In India DHF is the leading cause of hospitalization and death among children.

  • Dengue virus was first isolated in India in 1945.

  • Aedes aegypti is the principal vector of Dengue.

  • The number of Dengue cases ranges from 7-16 thousand per anum.

  • A maximum of 2,17,996 cases were recorded in the year 1986.
Dengue Indcidence and Death in India (1974-2002)
Dengue Outbreaks in the capital


Virus Type

Symptoms of DHF/DSS

1967 DEN 2 NO
1970 DEN 1 & DEN 3 NO
1982 DEN 1, DEN 2 NO
1988 DEN 2 YES
1996 DEN 2 YES
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