Course Structure

The M.Sc. Programme is divided into two parts. Each part consists of two Semesters as given below.






 Part I

 First Year

 Semester - 1

 Semester - 2

 Part II

 Second Year

 Semester - 3

 Semester - 4

Semesters 1-3 (two odd semesters and one even semester) consist of four papers each. Semester 4 comprises of Dissertation. It is mandatory for each student to complete a Dissertation at the end of 4th Semester.


The schedule of papers prescribed for various semesters shall be as follows:


PART I: Semester – 1


1      MPHE 101         Biology & Ecology of Arthropods of Public Health Importance

2      MPHE 102         Morphology, Taxonomy and Bio-diversity of Vectors

3      MPHE 103         Physiology and Bio-chemistry of insects of Public Health Importance

4      MPHE 104         Biostatistics

PART I: Semester – 2


5       MPHE 201         Vector-Borne Parasites and Pathogens of Public Health Importance

6       MPHE 202        Application of Molecular Biology, Immunology and Bioinformatics in Public Health Entomology

7       MPHE 203         Pesticides used in Public Health

8       MPHE 204         Control of Vectors of Public Health Importance


Field Training

PART II: Semester – 3


9       MPHE 301         Epidemiology of Vector Borne Diseases

10     MPHE 302         Environment and Public Health

11     MPHE 303         Integrated Vector Management

12     MPHE 304         Vector-Borne Diseases Control Programme


PART II: Semester – 4


13  MPHE 401       Dissertation
Field Training

At the end of Semester II, students will be visiting various ICMR Institutes, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme and other National laboratories for observational training in the R & D activities and hands on training in the operational aspects of vector borne disease control.


At the completion of field visits, the students are required to submit a report and make a presentation of their field training.



All the students must undertake dissertation work at the final semester (IV semester). Each student is individually placed under a faculty at VCRC to work on the dissertation.


This process includes:

(a)   the conceptualization of the independent research that will comprise the dissertation,

(b)   the preparation of and satisfactory defense of the dissertation proposal,

(c)    the collection, analysis and interpretation of data,

            (d)  presentation of findings in the dissertation format and oral defense of the dissertation.


Dissertation activity must be completed within prescribed time frame for the semester.


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