A pilot scale project on co-administration of mass annual single dose DEC(6mg/kg)+Albendazole(400mg) launched in the month of in 9 districts with covering a population of 20.54 million.

Mechanism of Drug Distribution:

State governemnts are resposible for drug distribution. This was carried out by utilizing the existing health infrastructure of the respective stae governemnts, as well as through other governmental and non-governemntal agencies. Drug was distributed by door-to-door visit.

Ist round of Mass drug distribution of DEC+Albendazole carried out on 24th and 25th February 2001 in Kerala (coverage details in Kerala)and in Tamil Nadu (6 districts) between 19th March to 24th March 2001.(Reported coverage details in Tamil Nadu )

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Why Dec+Albendazole?

Albendazole is one of the most widely used anti-parasite drugs for curing intestinal worm infections of children, and when co-administered as a single treatment with the anti-filarial drug DEC(6mg/kg), it also enhances the ability of these drugs to stop the spread of filarial infection.

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Activities and Time Schedule
Activity Time Schedule Responsible agency
  From To  
    Sensitization and advocacy
  • State level
  • District level
  • PHC level

November 2000 December 2000 December 2000
December 2000 Programme Manager in collaboration with Research Institution
    Micro-plan (implementation)     preparation at district level 15 12.2000 20.12.2000 Programme manager at district level in collaboration with Research Institution
    Training/orientation (health staff)
  • NBS
  • Stool examination
  • Entomological
4.12.2000 11.12.2000 4.12.2000 15.12.2000 20.12.2000 15.12.2000 Research institution
    Training/orientation (Other     sectors)
  • IEC
  • Drug distribution
FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY 2000 SECOND WEEK OF FEBRUARY 2000 Programme manager at district level in collaboration with Research Institution
     Identification of villages/wards     positive for microfilaraemia 20.12.2000 15.1.2001 Programme manager at district level in collaboration with Research Institution
    Selection of sentinel     villages/wards 15.1.2001 20.1.2001 VCRC
     Collection of baseline data on mf     prevalence and intensity, and     antigeneamia prevalence in sentinel and spot-check     villages/wards 20.1.2001 15.2.2001 Research Institution in collaboration with Programme manager
    Collection of baseline data on     entomological parameters
     in sentinel villages/wards
15.1.2001 20.2.2001 Programme manager/ Research Institution
     Collection of baseline data on     geo-helminth prevalence
    in sentinel and spot-check villages
20.1.2001 10.2.2001 Research Institution
    Family Enumeration/ updating and    &nbs p;morbidity survey 1.1.2001 10.1.2001 Programme manager
    Drug request from PHC/district 10.1.2001 15.1.2001 Programme manager at PHC/ district level
     Drug procurement and supply 15.1.2001 15.2.2001 Programme manager at state / district level
    Community preparation (IEC     campaign including planning) 1.2.2001 15.2.2001 Programme manager at state/district/PHC level in collaboration with Research Institution
    Drug distribution 19.3.2001 23.3.2001 Programme manager
    Active surveillance for adverse     reaction 23.3.2001 28.3.2001 Programme manager
     Serious Adverse Experience     report 19.3.12001 28.3.2001 Programme manager
     Compliance survey 1.3.2001 10.3.2001 Research Institution
     Consolidation and reporting
     of drug distribution and coverage
26.3.2001 1.4.2001 Programme manager
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