There are two components in programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis.

  • Transmission Control

  • Morbidity Management

Transmission Control:

Transmission control can be achieved by targeting

  • Parasite

  • Vector and

  • Reduction in man vector Contact


Reduction in Parasite load in human community can be done by

Vector Control:

  • Selective Chemotherapy (Screening of individuals and treating mf carriers)

  • Administration of Mass annual single dose DEC (Diethylcarbamazine) (6mg/kg)

  • Mass annual single dose Co-administration of DEC (6mg/kg) and Albendazole (400 mg)

  • Mass distribution of DEC medicated salt

Man vector Contact:(at individual level)


Mosquito Coil


Mosquito Mat


Mosquito Net


Man - vector contact can be reduced using mosquito nets, coils, mats and Repellants

Last Updated on:06/05/2014