Antilarval measures and Selective Chemotherapy(Operational)

Mass annual single dose DEC (Pilot scale)

Mass annual single dose DEC + Alb (Pilot scale) 2002

Mass distribution DEC medicated salt (Pilot scale)


National Filaria Control Programme (NFCP) is operational since 1995 and a total of 46.07M people are protected under this population. The strategies include,


Antilarval measures & Selective chemotherapy

Restricted to urban areas. 206 control units carrying out antilarval measures covering 1,00,000 population unit and 198 clinics are involved in detection and treatment covering 50,000 population/per unit.


Mass annual single dose DEC:

Mass annual single dose DEC administration was launched by NAMP in 1996 for the control of lymphatic Filariasis on a pilot scale covering a population of 41.06 million in 13 districts in 7 endemic states


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Mass annual single dose DEC+Albandazole:

A pilot scale project on mass annual single dose DEC+Alb is to be launched in 11 districts in 3 states(Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa) covering a population of 26.66 Million. The use of albendazole will have an immediate and important ancillary impact on individuals's health, primarily through the benefits of 'deworming'.


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Mass distribution of DEC medicated salt:

salt is fortified with DEC at 0.2 - 0.4% w/w and Distributed at centralized and decentralized level. One year's use of DEC - fortified salt is recommended. DEC fortified salt is distributed in one district (NagerKoil) in Tamil Nadu



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