Who are asymptomatic parasitic carriers?

Asymptomatic parasitic carriers are the persons who do not always present with overt clinical manifestations, but lymphatic pathology in the form of dilation, kinking, collateral formation, etc., are common.

  • After an infective bite, only some individuals get infected. In these infected individuals, the parasites, grow through different stages to mature into adult worms. The mature worms of both sexes lodge themselves in the lymphatics where they mate and produce large number of microfilariae.(mf)

  • These microfilariae appear in Peripheral blood of infected persons during night except in of diurnal forms of parasites.

  • Most of these mf carriers are asymptomatic.

  • The period for which the person will be microfilaraemic depends on the fecundic life span (period for which the adult female produces mf) of the adult worm, which is about 5. 4 years for W.bancrofti and 3. 4 years for B.malayi.


Last Updated on:06/05/2014