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Rajendran, G, K Krishnamoorthy, and S Sabesan.

In Cherthala Taluk, Kerala state, India, during January / February, 1997, Mansonia annulifera Theobald, 1901, (Diptera : Culicidae) larvae were sampled for 24 hours at the interval of four hours by using laddle tip technique in domestic ponds infested with floating hydrophyte Pistia stratiotes. A peak density of 23.73 larvae /dip was recorded at 10:00 hrs and the lowest of 3.47 larvae /dip at 02:00 hrs. The larvae showed periodic detachment and reattachment behaviour as well. The ideal time for collection of the larvae of Ma. annulifera seemed to be during morning hours. The implications of periodicity of attachment of these larvae are discussed in view of bio-control methods.

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