Environmental factors contributing to the spread and increase of filariasis:

Exponential population growth:

he population growth is directly responsible for increase in risk of infection.

Unplanned Urbanization:

Unplanned urbanization result is

  • Breakdown of sanitation

  • Unhygienic and Unhealthy conditions

  • Improper waste and solid management

which in turn make our urban landscape littered with garbage, plastic bottles, disposable cups, discarded tyres etc., which serve as ideal breeding background for mosquito.


Due to rapid industrialization and technological development many products such as plastic bags, disposable cups, tyres, beer can are dumped into drainage thereby, blocking drain system and very soon leading to the creation of mosquitogenic conditions

Large scale population migration
  • Due to rapid Industrialization large numbers of laborers migrate from rural to urban areas in search of job opportunities.


Last Updated on:06/05/2014