Manifestations of Dengue Infection

Dengue Fever(DF)

is an acute febrile illness of 2-7 days duraion with two or more of the following manifestations:

  • Splitting Headache

  • Retro-orbital pain

  • Myalgia/arthralgia

  • Rash

  • Haemorrhagic manifestation

  • Leukopenia

  • In some cases, pain on moving their eyes

  • On the third to fifth day, maculopapular rash appears on the trunk and then spreads to the arms and legs, while sparing the palms and soles.

  • DF is usually mild in children and in adults, it may be the classic incapacitating disease with severe bone pain.

  • Radiatin gto the ade

Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever(DHF):

has the following manifestations

  • Petechia, ecchymosis or purpura

  • Bleeding form mucosa (Bleeding form gums), injection sites, or other sites.

  • Haematemesis or melena

  • Thrombocytopaenia (platelets 100,000/cu,mm or less) and

  • Signs of Plasma leakage (pleural effusion, ascites, or hypoproteinaemia)

Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS):

DHF manifestations include all the criteria of DHF plus signs of circulatory failure manifested by

  • Rapid and weak pulse,

  • narrow pulse pressure (< or equal to 20 mm Hg);

  • hypotension for age, cold and clammy skin and restlessnes.
Last Updated on:06/05/2014