Malaria is transmitted by the female anopheline mosquitoes. About 58 species of Anopheline mosquitoes are found in India, out of which 8 are vectors of malaria.

  • A.culicifacies

  • A.fluviatilis

  • A.dirus

  • A.minimus

  • A.stephensi

  • A.sundaicus

  • A.philippinensis

  • A.annularis
Life Cycle of Anopheline Mosquito

Breeding Habitats

  • Anopheles mosquito breeds in fresh water habitats

  • Water filled tree holes, rock pools, water-filled bamboo stumps, leaf axis, water-filled split coconut husks, crab holes, and snail shells serve as ideal breeding grounds.

  • Puddles:

    Leaking public taps lead to mosquitogenic conditions around them.

  • Receptacles:

    Discarded tins, water storage mud pots, plastic containers, waste bottles, soap boxes, tar drums, flower pots, and grinding stones provide ideal breeding sites for mosquito soon after rains.

  • Overhead tanks:

    are the ideal breeding ground in urban areas, when kept open.

  • Unused Wells:

    Dumping of garbage into the wells converts them into mosquito breeding sites.

Last Updated on:06/05/2014