Socio-economic burden:
  • Lymphatic filariasis is the second leading cause of disabilityin the world.

  • Causes stigma, isolation, psychological stress and family discord among the affected individuals

  • Impairs educational and employment opportunities

  • Impedes the mobility, domestic and occupational activities

  • Recent estimates show that an ADL episode causes a loss of 3 dollars. A male chronic patient on average losses as many as 69 working days/annum

  • The treatment costs incurred by ADL patients range from RS 1 to 1000 per episode and chronic patients from 1 to Rs 800.

  • India loses also 1.2 billion man days due to LF

  • The annual economic loss is estimated to be nearly 1 billion US $ and is equivalent to 0.65% of GDP

DALYs lost due to LF and other major diseases transmitted by arthropods and/or caused by helminths
Vectors Responsible for DALYs loss due to Lymphatic Filariasis
Last Updated on:06/05/2014