VCRC has been carrying out Basic & Applied research with the primary objective of finding newer methods and developing strategies for the control of vector borne-diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the VCRC as a collaborating Centre for Research and Trainining in Lymphatic Filariasis and Integrated Methods of Vector Control.

Products Developed

  • DEPA - a synthetic insect repellent

  • Cyclosporin A - an immunosuppresive agent licensed to M/S Nixcil Pharmaceuticals & Specialities Ltd. Lucknow

  • Thrombinase - a blood clot dissolving enzyme for treating strokes/myocardial infarctions, licenced to M/S Malladi Research Centre, Chennai

  • Sperifix - a controlled release formulation of Bacillus sphaericus for mosquito larval control, assigned to NRDC

  • Deltafix - a controlled release formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis for mosquito larval control, assigned to NRDC

  • a mosquito oviposition attractant assigned to NRDC

  • B426 - a mosquito pupicide assigned to NRDC

  • Controlled release formulation of DPE-28 an IGR for mosquito larval control assigned to NRDC

  • IIFT - an insecticide impregnated fabric trap for sampling filariasis vector

  • L - DOPA - a drug for Parkinson's disease.

Patents Obtained

  • A mosquito larvicidal preparation of Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis Indian Patent Appl. No. Balaraman, Dr. S.L.Hoti, Dr. A.M. Manonmani)

  • A Process for the preparation and formulation of of a mosquito larvicide from Bacillus sphaericus, Indian Patent Appl.No.

  • A process for the production of CYCLOSPORIN A, an immunosuppresent from Tolypocladium sp. Indian 182916 dt. 19-9-94; European Patent EP-725-076 01.02.95-95 EP-300674 (07.08.96); US Patent No. 5,656,459 dt. 12.8.1997(Dr.K. Balaraman, Dr. Nisha Mathew)

  • A process for the production of THROMBINASE, a blood clot dissolving enzyme from Bacillus sp. Indian Patent 232/DEL/91 dt 21-3-91; US patent no. 5434059 dt 18-7-95; European patent no. 0624642 dt. 20.1.1999(Dr.K. Balaraman, Dr. Kuppuswamy)

  • A process for the preparation of CYCLOSPORIN A an immunosuppresent from Tolypocladium sp. Canadian Patent No. 2,142,240 (2003)

  • Process for the preparation of a controlled release agent for controlling growth of the insecticides. Indian Patent No. 191820 dt. 11.01.2005. Dr. Nisha Mathew,Dr. M. Kalyanasundaram & Dr. K . Balaraman.

  • F24 - A process for the production of mosquito pupicidal compound. Indian Patent no.199635 dt.22.9.2006(Dr.K. Balaraman, Ms. I. geetha, Mr. G. Prabakaran, Mr. V. Padmanabhan, Dr. K.P. paily & Dr. S.L. Hoti)

  • B426 - A process for the production of mosquito oviposition attractant. Indian Patent no.192872 dt.7.4.2006(Dr.K. Balaraman, Ms. I. geetha, Mr. G. Prabakaran, Mr. V. Padmanabhan & Dr. K.P. paily)

Patents Filed

  • Macrofiaricidal activity of monoterpene derivatives having phenolic characteristics from the fruit extract of Trachyspermum ammi against filairasis. Indian Patent Application No.1082/DEL/2003

  • Novel macrofilaricidal composition and process for preparing the same. Indian Patent Appl.No.1083/DEL/2003

  • Microbial fermentation process from bird feather for the production of bio-pesticides Indian Patent Appl.No.319/Del/2005

  • Lethal mosquito attractant and preparation thereof Indian Patent Appl.No.358/Del/2006

  • 28. New bacterial culture medium for the production of mosquito pathogenic bacillus using industrial wastesIndian Patent Appl.No.1106/Del/2008.

Diagnostics/kits under development

  • Monoclonal antibody based ELISA for the diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis

  • RT-PCR assay for the detection of infectivity with filarial parasites in vectors

  • rDNA-ITS2 region based probes developed for two sibling species of Anopheles fluviatilis, a major vector of malaria in hilly and forest areas.

Control strategies developed for

  • Malaria in coastal areas of Pondicherry

  • Bancroftian filariasis in Pondicherry

  • Urban malaria in Salem, Tamil Nadu

  • Coastal malaria in Rameswaram Island, Tamil Nadu

  • Malaria in riverine areas in Sathanur, Tamil Nadu

  • Brugian filariasis in Shertallai, Kerala

  • Tribal malaria in Koraput, Orissa

Strategy Development

  • Drug delivery strategies for control of lymphatic filariasis

  • Development of sampling strategies for monitoring and evaluation of filariasis control/elimination programmes


Decision Support tools

  • Development of mathematical models (LYMPHASIM and EPIFIL) to optimize appropriate control strategies

  • Rapid assessment procedures for infection / disease

  • Rapid epidemiological mapping of bancroftian filariasis endemic areas

  • Filariasis risk mapping using geostatistical and GIS tools

Epidemiological studies

  • Socio-economic burden of filariais and malaria

  • Dynamics of transmission, infection and disease, filariasis and malaria

  • Epidemiological investigations of vector-borne disease outbreaks

Clinical studies

  • Hospital and community based clinical trails for transmission and morbidity control of lymphatic filariasis

Master plans for mosquito control

  • Township, Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Tamil Nadu

  • Muncipal Corporation, Kochi, Kerala,

  • Muncipal Corporation, Bangalore, Karnataka

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